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 In August 2012, realizing how much poetry is under appreciated in Nigeria, the Words Rhymes & Rhythm movement was started as a platform to harness the obvious poetic talents in Nigerian youths (and others around the world).

We started Facebook page (www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry) and a Blog (www.wordsrhymesandrhythm.wordpress.com) to bring together young, unpublished writers with two aims:

1. To help improve the skills of young poets and give them a wider audience while showing the world the quality of young talents.

2. Create an activist group that would speak about social issues; life living, politics, humanity, economy, earth etc. Every day, three poets have their poems featured and people come and comment, critique and appreciate.

The qualities of poems featured vary because no one is turned away.

Our slogan is: rewriting the word, one verse at a time… It has so far been a huge success.

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