Welcome to WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM services page. Below is a breakdown of some of the services we offer:

PUBLISHING: We have a range of publishing packages designed to suit your budget and preferences. Each of our packages comes with additional perks like FREE book reviews, interviews, adverts and other value added services.

We are committed to serve you as we, together, build Nigeria’s top performing and most admired publishing company.

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PROMOTION/PUBLICITY: Book promotion/publicity is simply creating awareness about a book.

The quantity of book sales is directly proportional to the quality of book promotions because readers will only buy a book they know.

So a book must be widely publicized before it can generate the deserved attention just as it is important for an author to connect with the various audiences

At WRR we have established partnerships with traditional and offline media which make it easy for us to get you and your book to the audience.

Our promotional package includes:

  • Author/book profiles
  • Advert placements (print and online)
  • Interviews (print, TV, radio and online)
  • Book reviews
  • Book reading/signings
  • Tours
  • Social media promotions
  • Blog/social media set-up
  • Book trailers
  • Radio interview

We also have an established promotional platform – where we feature authors and books to an international audience.

You can also contact a specific service from the above listed.

ISBN SERVICES: ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is issued by the National Library of Nigeria as a stock-keeping identifier for books published in the country.

We can help you secure ISBN for you book, even if you do not intend to publish with us.

All authors publishing with us are automatically assigned ISBNs as part of the publishing package selected.
For those who require only the number, here are the requirements:

  1. The manuscript(s) formatted according to our submission guidelines.
  2. Processing fee.
  3. Two (2) copies of the book (to be submitted after publishing the book).

Our team is ready to deliver your number in record time.

EDITING/PROOFREADING: Every manuscript requires grooming before it is set for publishing and we have a seasoned team offering the best proofing and editorial services.

Service charges are fixed after manuscripts are sighted, but be assured that our prices are flexible and affordable.

With us your manuscripts become publishable and admirable.

Why not reach out to us today?

BOOK REVIEWS: Your book has not ended until it is in the hands of the reader and most readers buy books only on the recommendation of others.

In partnership with the best reviewers, we provide honest and insightful reviews for books, with maximum promotion through both online and offline channels.

Through this, we will take your books to a global audience.

*Note that these reviews can also be published in national dailies and literary e-zines at additional cost.

BOOK COVER DESIGN: We offer freelance cover design services for authors.

Our book covers, designed to meet authors’ tastes, are catchy and appealing to readers, yet simple and illustrative.

You will definitely enjoy the experience of working with our Creative team as you create befitting cover for your books.

Reach out to us today.

BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT/SET-UP: The 21st century author needs to constantly interact with his audiences to remain relevant.

Most members of audiences are regularly on the internet, particularly popular social media like – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and a host of relevant others.

Reaching and exploiting these audiences has a direct effect on the author/book’s acceptance.

Our team of social media experts will create and manage profiles on the popular social media and blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

We can also manage your account, ensuring constant interaction with fans and potential readers.

ADVERTISING: Are you looking to create awareness about yourself, your book or an event? Why not try the WRR option?

Our Advertising Platforms include three websites (, and with diverse audiences on which you can advertise your products.

We manage advertising campaigns for authors, books and literary events that cut across online, print and broadcast media.

Our partnerships with traditional and new media give us an extensive reach that will guarantee the success of your campaigns.

Services covered include advert placements on print, TV, radio and online media, newsletters, bulk SMS, book trailers and pamphlets distribution.

With a massive social media following, we have an edge over our competitors.

BOOK ADVENTURE: So your book has been published, what next?

You have sold a few copies, perhaps you even sold out and you feel fulfilled. Well, you should be.

But, wait a minute…

What if we could give you and your book an adventure that will put you both in the hearts and hands of all readers in the country, the continent and even the world?

Well, it possible. We only need to talk about it.

The book/author adventure is a unique offering that will see you and your book visiting all reading audiences in every corner of a chosen geographical space, say Nigeria or Africa.

Under this package are the following special services:

  • Book reading/signings
  • School and media visits
  • Courtesy calls to public establishments
  • Local and international literary events
  • Social media buzz creation
  • Interviews
  • Book donation

*Accommodation and transportation option available.

Sign up for this option and get the deserved attention.

MARKETTING/DISTRUBUTION: At WRR, we are committed to getting your book into readers’ hands.

Under our marketing plan, we promote and distribute books (eBook and paperback) using both physical bookstores and online channels with the sole aim of increasing sales.

Our offline distribution covers all 36 states of the Federation (Nigeria) and we capture the global market using the most popular online bookstores.

All our marketing packages come with the following:

  • Social media buzz creation
  • Author Interviews on newspapers, e-zines, magazines and literary blogs
  • Free Author/Book profiles on Authorpedia
  • Free advert on our websites and social media platforms

In addition, interested authors can take advantage of our book readings/signing and book tours services.

*We operate transparently. So Authors will get full list of bookshops, online bookstores and all other distribution channels after agreement has been reached.