Author (s) Name: PAUL ABIOLA OKU-OLA
Publisher: Words Rhymes & Rhythm
Year of Publication: 2017
Genre: Poetry
Number of Pages: 64
ISBN: 978-978-958-501-4
Awards: nil
Reviews: nil


Oku-Ola P. Abiola’s poems are a search towards true, requited love. With his verse he, a real poetry-lover,

SCENT OF LOVE by Abiola Oku-ola Paul

SCENT OF LOVE by Abiola Oku-ola Paul

definitely, refreshes our souls while saving his own.
— Brigitte Poirson, poet, language teacher, editor

This book is perfectly titled Scents of Love. I read the whole series from beginning to end. Each poem was a wonderful journey well crafted. I enjoyed the simplistic, yet subtly complex style. Your flow moves well like free flowing water in each poem. You weave the words very well. I truly appreciated the romantic love theme throughout…very enchanting, very charming. Definitely a worthy read. I was very impressed throughout the series. I would say, you should be very proud of this great body of work. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and poetic skill, because truly your heart is reflected in each word and all meaning. True excellence
Deborah Renee, Poet, and Spoken word Artist

Mr. Abiola summons the stuff of life with magical ease and then makes it sing. His poems are carved with passion, but also, with a precise intelligence that gives his work integrity on the levels of sound and image, and in the larger story his poems convey.
Allen Parmenter, Freelance writer

SCENT OF LOVE by Paul Abiola Oku-ola

SCENT OF LOVE by Paul Abiola Oku-ola

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