AUTHORPEDIA is number the 1 resource website for Nigerian writing.

We offer professional services:

  1. publishing
  2. consultancy
  3. manuscript editing
  4. book promotion
  5. author promotion
  6. general advertising
  7. marketing
  8. educational and social outreach
  9. research and 
  10. literary events management

It is an emerging hub of all things Nigerian-writing, where you can get all information about Books, Authors, Publishers, Editors, Promoters, Distributors, Writers’ Groups, Reviewers/Critics and a lot more.

We bring all process from writing to publishing and reading Nigerian books, to one place – AuthorPedia.

No matter your position in the book production chain, writer, editor, publisher, promoter, reader, critic looking to:

  • Reach international audiences?
  • Expand your services’ reach?
  • Get cheap, efficient advertising?
  • Sell/buy/download books?
  • Get clients for your services?
  • Put your profile on the database of Nigerian authors?
  • Find detailed information on Nigerian writing?

It's all in one place — Authorpedia!

Simply put, we turn the manuscript into a book and put it readers' hands.

Authorpedia is Nigerian and it’s Original!

Authorpedia is an arm of the WRR Group which also includes WRR Poetry, WRR College Of Poetry, and VerseUp!.